Happiness is an inside business. It is our state of mind.
We have to create happiness, with what we have.
We have to be happy with our own self. 
We don’t wait for happiness to come to us.
No one comes to us to give us happiness.
Nothing in the world can give you happiness.
We can’t wait to be happy tomorrow. We have to be happy NOW.
You can’t be happy timely. Happiness has to be permanent.
Happiness can’t be dependent. Happiness costs nothing. But Happiness is priceless.
Happiness is a choice. We have no choice but to choose happiness.
Happiness is an experience. We smell happiness, we taste happiness,
we see happiness, we hear happiness, we feel happiness.
Happy is not hollow, it’s solid.
Happiness is not at the surface, it’s deep.

Express to Impress! Communication Effectiveness – The NLP Way!!!

Generally, communication training sessions talk about Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication, verbal being vocal & written, and non-verbal being body language, facial expressions, voice etc.

Hardly, we talk/discuss about the importance of our internal communication and its effect on our overall communication style.

We have always known that, our thoughts become are spoken words, words become our actions and actions become our reality….so to relate to the famous quote, “Our thoughts create our reality”.

So, to learn to communicate effectively with others, we first need to learn to talk to ourselves. Below mentioned steps can be followed to practice this;

1. Understand/listen to your self-talk
2. Analyse it (positive/negative)
3. Relate self-talk language with your verbal vocabulary/communication
4. Plan how and what all to change in thoughts, and practice change
5. See the impact of change of thoughts in your verbal communication
6. Analyse change, repeat.

No course/training/books/theory/videos/google content can ever make someone an effective communicator, unless and until we start to work from the roots.

Try these simple tips and do share your results, queries in the comment box.


All The Best!!!

Love/Care/Respect/Transform YOURSELF

This will bring a lot of resistance initially. Because we do not want to love our self, as we do not like our self, as we do not even know our own self. And believe me, it’s not an easy task.

To love yourself, you need to first know yourself. Know who you are, know why you do what you do and why you do not do what you do not do. Know, what you want to do and still do not do.

Let’s start this journey of Loving our own self FIRST, if we have already “fought the resistance”.

What happens when you start to love yourself?

You start to look at yourself, look at your physical body, your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings, your past, present, future, your actions everything. You know all the discrepancies “you” have.

Now you exactly know the amount of garbage you carry, all the useless non senses you treasure… Everything you didn’t do, which you could have easily done.

When you love yourself, you love everything you have… Your own earthily possessions, divine possessions (your strengths), your family, your job, your profession, your neighborhood, your society, and the whole universe at large.

Now, you know how it feels to be loved. Now you know the value of loving selflessly… Loving self/others/everything/everyone around…. You also start loving the nonliving things…

Now you give/get/want only Love, happiness, blissfulness, harmony… You get addicted to all these. And this is the BEST SELFLESS state one can ever achieve.

Please start the journey and see where it takes you… Happy to be with you throughout this journey…

God Bless!!!